Maybank AXS D-Pay Bill Payment Lucky Draw (1 June 2010 to 31 Aug 2010)


I am very skeptical when comes to lucky draws, because I have yet to win anything after all the lucky draws I participated.

Now, Maybank is coming up with another one.

Stand to win a Movie Ticket when you use your Maybank ATM card or Credit Card linked to a Savings or Current Account to pay your bills at any D-Pay AXS Machine. (You can distinguish the new D-Pay AXS Machines from the older ones by the red-coloured stickers framing the touch screen, keyboard and pin pad. There will also be a black-coloured front slot sticker that indicates the ATM cards that are being accepted on the AXS Machines.)

Step 1:
Pay your bills using Maybank ATM Card* at any AXS Station.

Step 2:
Stand a chance to win a movie ticket by participating in a simple game after each successful transaction.

Step 3:
View the result on the AXS screen.

Step 4:
Collect the movie voucher dispensed by the AXS Station.

Step 5:
Exchange this movie voucher for a movie ticket at any Eng Wah Cinema box office.

*Singapore issued Maybank ATM Card, MasterCard Electronic ATM Card, or Credit Card linked to a Savings or Current Account.

There is no fineprint saying the minimum bill amount payable for each transaction.

So, in theory you can make multiple 10 cent payments and increase your chances of winning! =D

Update: AXS Machine minimum amount to pay is S$5
(well, I didn’t win any movie tix on my first attempt…You play a game whereby you choose 1 of 3 boxes, if u are lucky, u may just get hold of that movie tix. Will try again next time i see an AXS Machine)

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